Tuesday Real Estate Stories

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The “New Best Friend”
Agent Sandi was in the right place at the right time when she accompanied her boyfriend (now husband) to a flooring job in Sparks, NV. On a trip to the trailer outside she met the sweet next door neighbor (We’ll call her Nora). Nora, 89-years-old, just happened to be thinking about selling her home. Sandi gave Nora her card, and a few weeks later she had an appointment. After meeting with 3 other Realtors, Nora ultimately went with Sandi, because “she seemed the kindest.”


Nora planned to leave Sparks, NV and move back to Carmi, IL. As the sale came to a close, Sandi and Nora had become quite good friends. “I could sit back and talk to her for hours.” About a week before her home was to close escrow, Nora told Sandi that she was making the drive to Carmi by herself with only her two small dogs. (Sparks, NV to Carmi, IL is a 28-Hour Drive). Sandi just couldn’t bear the idea of Nora making the drive by herself, so she called her and let her know that she’d be driving her herself. Sandi booked a return flight, and made the plans – without even a second thought.

“She cried so hard she couldn’t speak. The next day, I mapped out the trip with her and we left two days after her home closed. We are now best friends, she is 89, I’m 46. Truly one of the most amazing opportunities. She has since moved back to Reno and we speak almost daily.”