Tuesday Real Estate Stories 4

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The “Not-So-Done Deal”
Every agent knows the frustration of a deal that falls through at the last minute, often after months of time invested. Agent Chet’s clients, a married couple from California, were moving to Montana. A national title company had given them the clear in writing to close on their new Montana home, so the buyers closed on their California home, packed up and began their trip.


Fast forward a day, and to Chet’s horror the national title company had made an error. The title agent they’d been working with had been fired, and the new agent found a 200k+ lien against the home. Talk about a nightmare! So Chet is scrambling to fix this massive mixup, all the while, the buyers are on the road to what they think is their new home.

“Thankfully they were able to get it cleared up, and we only had to close about a week late. But it was an extremely brutal week.”